Here's a list of some of the services we offer. If you don't see it here, contact us, chances are we can do it.

- Client-side programming & coding (Apps & Games)
- Server-side programming & coding (Apps & Games)
- Game design & consulting
- App design & consulting
- Level design
- Monitization system design (Apps & Games)
- Social Media Marketing and Funneling Campaigns (design & management)
- Strategic App Store Optimization
- VR, AR and MR design & develoment
- 3D Modeling and Animation
- 2D Art & Animation
- UI/UX design and implementation
- All planning and technical specs including Wireframes, User Flows, Class Diagrams...
- Website design & development
- Highly targeted viral and guerilla marketing campaigns (concepts, design, production..)
- Custom marketing & promotional materials
- Voiceover talent for any type of application
- Professional grade Music and Sound Effects
- Hollywood-level Motion Graphics
- Logo design and development packages (static and/or animated)
- Writing services (dialogue, story, character, advertising copy, etc..)
- MUCH, much more (just ask!)...

Contact us today and let's GET STARTED!

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